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musings of mine...

25 July
Um not much to say..I'm 32 and I like things. Bags, shoes, accessories please me. And geeky things. Buffy and Supernatural are my favourite tv evur.

My journal is pretty boring, no dramatics, just tedious moans about shitty days at work. Read it if you're easily bored.
24, 80's, accessories, aereogramme, air, almost famous, angel, animals, anthrax, at the drive in, batman, beastie boys, belle and sebastian, bikini kill, bill hicks, bis, bjork, books, breakfast at tiffanys, buffy the vampire slayer, cat power, cats, cave in, champagne, chasing amy, clutch, coen brothers, corrosion of conformity, d.j shadow, dad rawk, david boreanaz, david lynch, deftones, depeche mode, dexter, diablo cody, dogs, donnie darko, drew barrymore, duran duran, dvds, eddie izzard, edith wharton, ellen page., faith no more, family guy, far, films, fire walk with me, football, foreign films, fright night, gabriel garcia marquez, ghost world, gossip girl, hair clips, hair dye, haribo, hello kitty, helmet, henry rollins, hole, horror, interpol, irvine welsh, j.d salinger, j2, jack kerouac, jake gyllenhaal, jawbox, jeff buckley, josh hartnett, kate bush, kevin smith, kitsch, klf, kristin hersh, kyuss, l7, lady gaga, le tigre, led zeppelin, life of agony, living in oblivion, luscious jackson, machine head, madonna, magnapop, mallrats, mansun, massive attack, mastadon, metallica, michael cera, mike patton, mogwai, mr bungle, muse, music, nina gordon, nine inch nails, old skool rave, p.j harvey, pasta, pedro almodovar, pixies, pizza, poison the well, psychology, raising arizona, retro, ring, riot grrrl, scissor sisters, scott pilgrim, scream, sex and the city, sixteen candles, sleater kinney, smashing pumpkins, sonic youth, soundgarden, st elmo's fire, supernatural, suspiria, tennesee williams, the blueprint, the breakfast club, the breeders, the chalets, the mars volta, the o.c, the sopranos, tomahawk, tori amos, trail of dead, true blood, twin peaks, veruca salt, watchmen, white lies, wine, wrestling, yeah yeah yeahs, zooey deschanel