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Sad news..

My dad's just phoned to tell me my wee aunt Julia has passed away. She had been sick for a while, and at 91 she was obviously very frail. I knew this was coming but it doesn't make it any easier. She's been more or less like a gran to me over the years, babysitting me on Saturday nights. She only lived round the corner from my mum and dad's so we were always at hers and she always had a big family party on New Years Day.

Only 18 months ago we had a big party for her when she turned 90, and she had such a blast- dancing with folk and enjoying a wee brandy. When she got sick, her health declined so very quickly. She made a few recoveries but recently it had gotten too much for her- she knew herself it was time.

I had been to see her in the hospital and stuff but hadn't managed for a couple of weeks so I feel awful that I didn't get to see her again. But in a way I feel that i had already said goodbye to her- if that makes any sense.

I hope she's at peace now, she deserves it.


I know how you feel. It was like that with my Auntie Lucy. I miss her so much. It is nearly a year since she passed away. Chin up sweet, things will be ok!
Thanks. I'm doing Ok, but little things trigger the tears. I burst out crying in tesco the other day when I saw an old lady who looked like aunt julia from the back!

The funeral is on Wednesday.

January 2011

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