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Hello Again

Been busy busy of late, so time to say a quick hi and stuff. Work is pretty non stop, had my first exam yesterday (not too sure what I'll get, think I've done enough to pass). It felt weird to have to revise again, can't say I enjoyed it much. It's just the start though, I'll be facing stuff like this for the next few years to get all my qualifications... just a shame I don't get all the student perks like free beer and not getting out of bed till lunchtime etc

In other news, I got some extra money this month that was due to me, so that pleased me. Been keeping going with the driving lessons, Dave and I have been out driving as well without coming to blows too much :p. Oh, and I bought a Creative Zen which I looove! I did swither between it and ipod, but after researching thoroughly I felt the Zen was better value for money- Ok so it weighs a tiny bit more, but who cares! It's still way lighter than a walkman and the battery life seems pretty good so I'm pretty satisfied so far. The only thing that blows is how time consuming it is to put all yr cd's on....

Hopefully tomorrow I may get my results so I'll let you all (whoever you are) know. :p


tis a bugger copying music onto the damn things isnt it? Just got my 1gb flash player (would like a bigger one, but I'm wary of any portable player with moving parts because I wear them while cycling and I'm convinced I'll break it somehow), and found myself at a loss for what to copy over after a while...which is good :)

Also, Creative's products may be heavier and less flash than Apple's, but they're more about what it does than how cool it looks. Quite frankly, fuck the Ipod and its "oh, look, I have to have one to be cool". Or the Ipod Shuffle and its "look, I've got no screen and I have a randomiser button". Gah. Electronic devices suck when the manufacturers target the retard audience. < /rant>

January 2011

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